Business Agent Report

      Our Collective Bargaining Agreement states that by November of each year a joint Company/Union committee will determine the performance measures to be applicable for the following year. This was done locally in November of 2017. At that time the performance plan was based on having all three pot lines up and running by the end of the 2nd quarter. As you know, the loss of line four and the loss of production related to it made the financials that were set in November unattainable. The CBA also states that "in the event a plan provides excess or insufficient payout opportunity due to improper design or factors not anticipated during the design, the local parties will meet to discuss and agree to remedial actions necessary to fulfill the intent of properly rewarding employees for their efforts to improve financial performance". Immediately after the loss of line four, Local 104 on behalf of its members requested that remedial action be taken. After months of discussion, the parties agreed to replace the 2018 performance pay plan with a standalone plan for both the 3rd and 4th quarters. Cooperate approved the plan towards the end of September. Although we would all like to see a higher percentage payout, and everyone agrees that a zero payout in Q1 and Q2 did not reflect the performance of the members in the plant, the revise plan provides an opportunity to receive a monetary reward for the increased profitability of the plant.

     The restart of line four began on October 1, 2018. The restart process is expected to be complete by the middle of November. Hiring continues throughout the plant and Local 104 would like to welcome all new members. Additional hiring will include production, Electrical, Mechanical, Roll Grinders, Facilities Maintenance along with two Machine Shop openings filled internally.

    There has been a lot of discussion in the Plant pertaining to Pre jobs and the Company's current HP program. Because of this I want to make the Union's position pertaining to this issue clear. History has shown that the best safety and health program is one that indentifies Hazards and eliminates them . Behavior based programs never have and never will provide the safety protection that comes from elimination of hazards. The Local has not and is not taking a position that the membership should not participate in Pre jobs. On the Contrary the Local has been quite clear, that when it come to upset conditions or infrequent jobs participating in pre jobs may well help prevent injury. I would encourage all, in these situations, to perform pre jobs. However, the Union feels that participation in the Pre Job process should be voluntary, and that the effectiveness of the program will dictate participation. The Union has made it clear to the Company that it supports voluntary pre jobs under certain circumstances, but does not support mandatory participation under the threat of discipline.

      We are seven months from the expiration of our CBA. The Negotiating Committee continues to prepare. To insure everyone will stay informed throughout the process our Communication (CAT) groups have been identified and should be posted in all departments. Surveys will be going out in the plant October 17th. I would encourage each member to take the time to list the issues that are important to you. The Committee will use the results of the surveys to set the bargaining agenda with Alcoa. Various other contract committees will be established in the coming months. If you are interested in serving on any of the various committees please stop by or call the Union Hall. In Solidarity

Tim Underhill